Online Registration Software

Online Registration Software

System for Managing Enrollments

Empower your organization with Jumbula online registration system, trusted by thousands of businesses to streamline operations and provide an exceptional experience for your campers, students, and program participants.

Online Registration Software
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Your All-in-One Online Registration Software for Any Type of Program

In today’s dynamic world, organizations of all sizes need a registration solution that is both versatile and efficient. Whether you’re hosting a large-scale conference, a community workshop, or a team-building retreat, our all-in-one registration platform streamlines the process from start to finish.


Jumbula facilitates easy registration for classes, enabling program operators to effortlessly manage enrollments and allowing parents to register their children while tracking relevant data simultaneously.


Jumbula camp module streamlines program registration and automates the process, providing program operators with access to detailed reports and marketing tools to enhance sales.


With the Jumbula subscription, program operators can offer ongoing access to specific classes and services providing convenience for participants and consistent revenue for the organization.


Jumbula lets program operators schedule one-on-one classes or camp sessions for students, so that each student can learn at their own pace and get the individualized attention they need.

Before/After care

With the Jumbula system, businesses can offer before/aftercare options for both classes and camps, allowing parents to extend their child's supervision outside regular program hours.

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Create Customized Forms

To make your program more appealing and effective, you can tailor the online registration process to your audience. This means designing different forms for registration, waiver, and follow-up based on the profile and needs of your participants. You can also customize the information you collect from them through the registration form. To effectively customize your online registration process, consider the unique characteristics of your participants and the type of information you require from them to ensure a smooth and personalized experience.

Registration Forms
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Collecting Registrations Online

Online Registration Platform

Everything You Need to Start Collecting Registrations Online

We recognize that your programs may vary in their scope and complexity; however, the registration process should always be straightforward. Our intuitive setup wizard enables you to effortlessly create activities, tailor your offerings to your specific requirements, and publish them on your website to begin collecting payments.

Collecting Registrations Online

Simplify Attendance Management

With Jumbula’s Check-in/Check-out, you can ensure the safety and security of your participants. You can use PIN and QR codes to verify the identity of the authorized person who picks up or drops off your participants. Staff or instructors can also track the attendance of your participants in real time with live reports. Jumbula’s Business Mobile app makes your operations more efficient and convenient. You can manage attendance, access advanced reporting, and use the program toolbox for easy-to-use management tools.

PIN and QR codes
Attendance App

Benefits of Online Registration Software

Our online registration software offers a comprehensive solution for businesses across various industries, providing a range of benefits that can significantly improve efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive business growth. By embracing this technology, businesses can streamline operations, optimize resource allocation, and gain valuable insights to make informed decisions.

Scalability and Flexibility

Scalability and Flexibility

Our online registration software can handle large volumes of registrations efficiently, making it suitable for events of all sizes, from small workshops to large conferences. The software can also be customized to accommodate specific event requirements and branding guidelines.

Reduced Administrative Burden

Reduced Administrative Burden

Jumbula online enrollment software eliminates the need for manual data entry, sorting, and filing of paper forms, reducing administrative workload and saving time. This automation frees up organizers to focus on more strategic aspects of event planning and management.

Revenue Growth

Revenue Growth

A convenient and accessible online registration system encourages more people to sign up for events, leading to higher registration numbers. Participants can register anytime, anywhere, and from any device, fostering greater participation.

Improved Communication

Improved Communication

Online registration platforms allow organizers to send automated emails and notifications to registrants, informing them about event details, updates, and changes. This fosters better communication and engagement with participants.

Revenue Growth

Increase Enrollment

Gain Real-time Financial Insights

Jumbula helps you manage your finances and understand your organization’s financial health with ease. You can create customized sales and registration reports that show you the revenue, expenses, and performance of your programs. You can also use these reports to find trends, analyze anomalies, and make informed decisions that improve your programs. Jumbula gives you the clarity and control you need to track revenue growth, optimize resource allocation, and plan for the future. Jumbula’s reporting suite is the ultimate tool for achieving your financial goals.
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Built-in reports

A Proven Workflow for Creating a Positive Program Experience

Our online registration software has become an indispensable tool for organizations seeking to streamline their registration processes, enhance participant experiences, and improve administrative efficiency. This software simplifies the registration workflow, making it easy for participants to register for events, programs, or classes.

Create your season and programs

Create your season and set up your programs

Use Jumbula automation wizard to easily create your desired seasons and define programs by entering specific data into the provided fields.

Define your discounts and payment plans

Define your discounts & payment plans

For flexibility and a standard enrollment process, set up your payment plans. You can charge users in different ways and ensure a smooth payment experience.

Customize your registration forms

Customize your registration forms

Customize registration forms according to your specific needs and program requirements. Optimize and collect necessary information, streamlining the process for users to have a quick registration experience.

Promote your programs with marketing tools

Promote your programs with marketing tools

Jumbula offers Email, SMS, and other effective marketing tools to help you boost sales and promptly inform your users.

Monitor performance and track revenue

Monitor performance and track revenue

With Jumbula professional and detailed reports, effortlessly track enrollments, monitor registrants, and strategically promote your program based on your data.


What is an online registration system?

An online registration system is a software application or platform that allows individuals or organizations to sign up, enroll, or register for various activities or services online. It eliminates the need for manual registration processes by providing a digital platform for users to enter their information, select preferences, and complete the registration process remotely.

Online registration systems offer a range of benefits that enhance efficiency, convenience, and data management for both organizers and participants. They have become an essential tool for streamlining event registration processes and improving overall event experiences.

Online registration software typically operates through a web-based platform that allows event organizers to create and manage registration forms, collect participant information, process payments, and communicate with registrants.

Optimizing your registration process is an investment in creating a positive experience for your participants, enhancing your organizational efficiency, and ultimately achieving your event goals.

Online registration systems can make the registration process more efficient and convenient for both organizers and participants. This can lead to increased participation in events and activities, as well as increased revenue for organizations.

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