Online Payment Software

Online Payment Software

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With its robust infrastructure and user-friendly interface, our online payment software seamlessly integrates with diverse platforms, ensuring a convenient and trustworthy financial experience across a myriad of digital channels for both businesses and their clientele.

Online Payment Software

Increase Cash Flow

Complete Set of Payment Methods

Secure and Reliable

Flexible Payment Options for Every Business Model

Choose from our list of payment methods, offer various payment types, and facilitate payment collection provide users with various payment options and streamline future payment collection.

Payment Processors

Jumbula offers a variety of Payment Processors, including Jumbula integrated payments, Stripe, Paypal, Authorize.net, and Worldline, providing users with a broad spectrum of secure and convenient transaction choices.

Payment Types

Our system accommodates a wide array of payment types, encompassing credit card, PayPal, ACH/check, cash/check, scholarship, and custom payments, ensuring flexibility and convenience for all users.

Payment Options

Explore various payment options on Jumbula, such as full payments and flexible plans with deposits and installments. Enjoy the convenience of recurring billing on different schedules and choose daily drop-ins for maximum adaptability.

Painless Payment Automation

Jumbula automated payment processing enables businesses to easily set up and collect fees. Business owners or administrators can configure automatic recurring charges for multi-week or monthly programs. On the selected date, program fees will be automatically charged to the credit card on file – eliminating the hassle of manual billing and invoice generation. For single-session classes or programs, Jumbula can be set up to charge the full program fee at the time of booking. Custom payment plans can also be created to allow installment payments if needed.

automated payment processing
Custom payment plans
A Complete Online Payment Software

A Complete Online Payment Software

Trusted and Safe Payment Solutions


Jumbula offers a complete integrated payment solution for online payments.


Payment information is safeguarded using strict security measures, such as point-to-point data encryption and level 1 PCI compliance.


Trusted by thousands of clients and over 2.5 million transactions completed each year!

A Complete Online Payment Software

Effortless Billings Suite

Jumbula makes it a breeze to handle billing and invoicing for your programs. Our flexible system allows businesses to generate detailed invoices that can be customized with business information, program details, etc for each registrant. Detailed invoices provide transparency into what families are paying for, including any additional activities, classes, or service fees. Jumbula automatically calculates any discounts and credits, so invoices are always accurate. You can easily see which registrants have balances due. Payment reminders can be automatically emailed to families to speed up collections. Partial and full refunds and credits can be processed directly through this tool.


billing and invoicing
program details

Benefits of Online Payment Software

Experience the convenience of swift transactions and heightened security with our cutting-edge online payment software. Elevate your business by providing customers with seamless payment options and gaining real-time insights into your financial activities.

Reduced Costs

By automating the transaction processes, businesses can reduce the labor costs associated with manual billing and payment collections. Additionally, it can reduce the costs of paper-based systems and the associated storage needs.

Subscription Management

For services with recurring payments, online systems can simplify the management of subscriptions, including updates, cancellations, and payment pauses, thereby enhancing customer service.

Automation of Coupons and Discounts

Online payment software can automate the application of discounts and coupons at checkout, making promotions easier to manage for businesses and more accessible for customers.

Reduced Abandoned Carts

In online retail, the simplicity and speed of the checkout process can reduce cart abandonment rates. By offering a variety of payment options, including popular digital wallets, customers are more likely to complete their purchases.

Enhanced Reporting

Online payment systems often provide detailed reports that can help businesses track sales, monitor customer payment activity, and analyze financial data for better decision-making.

Revenue Growth

Fee Configuration Tools

Jumbula allows businesses and program operators to easily configure and collect extra convenience fees, surcharges, application fees, or late pickup fees to align with the desired program’s policies. Set up customized fees per session or across your whole schedule. Convenience fees can be applied for online registrations to cover processing costs. Surcharges can help offset materials or facility expenses. Collect non-refundable application fees per participant during enrollment. Charge late pickup fees to discourage untimely pickups.

late pickup fees

Want to Know More About Online Payment System?


What payment methods are accepted on the registration platform?

Jumbula accepted payment methods including credit cards, PayPal, and Stripe.

Jumbula uses SSL encryption, PCI compliance, and secure data storage. It has also achieved SOC 2 Type I compliance, demonstrating that Jumbula manages its data with the highest security and compliance standards.

Jumbula automates payments, supports multiple payment methods, and offers recurring billing, reducing manual effort and ensuring timely transactions.

Jumbula provides an intuitive interface for processing refunds and resolving payment issues, supported by detailed transaction records and reporting tools for efficient resolution.

The best online payment system depends on your needs, but popular options include PayPal for its trust and widespread use, Stripe for customization and developer-friendly features, Square for small to medium-sized businesses, Authorize.Net for reliability and strong security, and Adyen for large enterprises and global payments. Choose based on transaction fees, integration ease, security, and customer support.

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