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Jumbula childcare management software helps you make your registration process easier, work more effectively, and wow your customers. No more manual paperwork, only smooth operations.

childcare registration software

Effortless Childcare Registration Solutions

childcare management software

Streamline Childcare Enrollment

Essential Features of Childcare Registration Software for Program Success

Implementing intuitive software to simplify the registration process for your childcare program can boost enrollment, improve communication, and contribute to the overall success of the program.



Give busy families flexibility while driving revenue with Jumbula punchcards. Families can purchase a bundle of flexible sessions upfront to use anytime for before/after care signups. Jumbula robust tools allow businesses to configure available punchcard values, redemption rules, expiration dates, and more. Capacity controls prevent double-booking when sessions are redeemed. With realtime tracking of punchcard usage and balances, you gain data-driven insights for revenue and registrations as sessions are allocated. Let Jumbula handle the complexity so you can offer flexible registration that fits families' dynamic lifestyles.

Effective Date

Effective Date

Maintain oversight while offering families flexibility with Jumbula childcare management tools. From the admin dashboard, easily edit or cancel a family's enrollment with full control over registration changes. Customizable cancellation policies allow you to charge fees to families based on notice period or other criteria you configure. Self-service options let families seamlessly shift class dates, swap sessions, or select a new start date. Automated notifications keep parents informed of changes made by administrators. Jumbula brings together administrative oversight with family self-service for the ideal childcare management experience.

Before/After and Combo Programs

Before/After and Combo Programs

Give families options with Jumbula robust before, after care, and combo option registration capabilities. Create standalone before and after care sessions or group them into discounted combo options - the choice is yours. Families can conveniently register for just the time needed, whether it's just the core program, or a bundled combo package. Set up unique offerings for different programs, locations, dates, or age groups with customizable options. Automated reminders keep parents informed of combo camp details. With intuitive tools to manage all registration, Jumbula enables you to run before, after, and combo camp programs with ease.

Prorated Scheduling and Holiday

Prorated Scheduling and Holiday

Jumbula equips you with robust tools to manage prorated scheduling and holiday closures for childcare programs. Easily mark select dates as holidays in your calendar and set prorated pricing rules. Automated calculations proportionately discount session fees whenever a holiday falls on a scheduled day. For mid-month signups, prorating ensures families only pay for remaining days, with fees automatically adjusted based on the current date. Streamline enrollment management while delivering flexibility and fair pricing.

Revolutionize Childcare Management with Smart Registration Software

Revolutionize childcare management with smart registration software that simplifies enrollments, fosters seamless communication, and empowers data-driven decisions for unparalleled childcare excellence.

User-Friendly Childcare Registration Software

User-Friendly Childcare Registration Process

Impress parents with a clean, intuitive childcare registration flow while saving time and reducing support requests by streamlining the process.

Save Time with an Administration Dashboard

Our admin dashboard is powerful yet easy to use. Get started quickly with our onboarding training and save time and effort today.

Special Features for Childcare Registration

Our before & after care program is built for the unique needs of busy parents. With flexible registration options, recurring billing, and session punchcards.

Elevate Your Childcare Services with Advanced Registration Software

Enhance your childcare offerings through sophisticated registration software, designed to refine administrative tasks, boost communication, and equip your team with the tools they need to deliver outstanding childcare services.

Boost Parent Satisfaction

Boosting parent satisfaction with childcare registration software involves creating a user-friendly, accessible, and transparent system that enables parents to effortlessly register their children, track their progress, and communicate with childcare providers.

Improve Enrollment Flow

Childcare registration software streamlines operations enhances customer outreach, and frees up staff to focus on providing high-quality childcare.

Empower Your Staff

Childcare registration software serves as a powerful tool to empower staff by streamlining time-intensive administrative duties, thus allowing educators and caregivers to reallocate their focus toward fostering a nurturing and educational environment for children.

Jumbula Childcare Registration Software

Childcare Registration Software That Customers Love

Value of Childcare Registration Software for Parents

The Value of Childcare Registration Software for Parents

Childcare registration software aids parents in easily locating and organizing superior childcare solutions, offering time and cost savings, and improving their involvement in their child’s upbringing.

Ease of Use

Parents can complete registration forms online, update their details, and process payments from any location. Additionally, a dedicated parent portal is available for them to check their child’s daily updates.


Parents can enjoy a smoother and more transparent enrollment process, and a better relationship with the providers. They can also benefit from the improved quality and efficiency of the childcare services, as the software frees up the providers’ time and energy to focus more on the children.

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Childcare Registration Made Easy

“Registration Made Easy! “

“I am using Jumbula for my preschool registration. We are a private preschool that registers approximately 200 familes in 12 different classes. I was able to easily set up all of my class offerings in a user-friendly manner. I did not have one issue with my registration launch. Not one family had to ask me how to use the software. I am SO impressed. I cannot recommend this software enough!”

Lyndsay S

“Meets our needs perfectly”

“Overall, I would highly recommend this product as simple to set up, easy to use and well priced. By far the most outstanding aspect is their customer service. Every inquiry has been answered promptly by a real person, sometimes within minutes, and gave solutions specific to our situation, not a cut and paste response. Also during set up we were able to have a live walk-through and address questions that are unique to our situation. At this (or any) price point, the level of service is wonderful. A great experience so far.”

Rachel B

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What is the childcare management software?

Childcare management software is a specialized software designed to help childcare providers streamline and automate the administrative and operational aspects of running their programs.

Childcare registration software is primarily used by childcare center directors, preschool administrators, after-school program coordinators, camp managers, and educational institutions that offer childcare services.

The most common type of child care program is typically center-based child care, also known as daycare centers. These facilities provide care for children in a structured environment, often with a range of age-appropriate activities and a staff of trained caregivers.

Jumbula is a comprehensive childcare management software that can help you improve the customer experience, automate administrative tasks, reach a wider audience, and track your program’s performance. By using Jumbula, you can grow your business and achieve your goals.

Jumbula provides a diverse range of pricing options tailored to accommodate the requirements of various childcare programs. The cost is determined by the number of participants you manage and the specific functionalities you seek. Additionally, you can take advantage of a free trial to experience the software firsthand before making a purchase.

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