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Jumbula offers powerful camp management software for camp organizers of all types and sizes to run successful camps for children. Fill up the camps to capacity and improve the safety of the children with our attendance and parent mobile apps.

streamlines the process of signing up with camp registration software

No Matter the Type of Camp, We Have the Right Operational Workflows

Our camp management software supports a wide range of camps, including day camps, summer camps, overnight camps, sports camps, specialty camps, and religious camps.

day camp is a recreational program designed for children and teenagers

Day camp

Make day camp management easier, so camp directors can focus on what they do best: creating unforgettable experiences for campers.

Summer camp

Automating summer camp management tasks frees up staff to focus on campers and activities, resulting in a smoother and more efficient operation.

summer camp for kids
summer camp for kids

Summer camp

Automating summer camp management tasks frees up staff to focus on campers and activities, resulting in a smoother and more efficient operation.

Overnight camps

Overnight camp

Overnight camp is a summer experience where kids sleep away from home and participate in outdoor activities, sports, and arts and crafts.

Camp Scheduling Software

Top Camp Registration System Features You Can't Run Your Camps Without

After 10 years of helping camp operators run successful programs, we know what it takes to deliver a superior experience to campers, parents, and staff.
Child Safety Apps for Attendances

Child Safety Apps

Empower your field staff with our Jumbula for Business mobile app. This app packs many features, including attendance, dismissal, real-time reports, communication tools and on-site coordinators. Parents can download the My Jumbula app to stay engaged and communicate with the staff in case of emergencies.

Grouping Tool

Grouping Tool

Groups are what you need to run large camps. Start by enrolling all the campers in one general program and later decide about their activities and schedules. The Grouping Wizard gives you all the flexibility you need, and our camp operators love us for this feature!

Multi-Week Scheduling for Camp Enrollment

Multi-Week Scheduling

Easily create and manage camp schedules that span multiple weeks. Whether you offer half-day, full-day, daily drop-in, or overnight camps, Jumbula’s intuitive interface allows you to set up various sessions and customize them to fit even the most complex scheduling needs.

Coupon and Discount Setup for Camps

Coupon and Discount

Set up and manage promotional offers, discounts and coupons for your camps with a few clicks. Create coupon codes with customizable eligibility rules, expiration dates, and percentage/fixed discounts.

Camp Registration Software: A Game-Changer for Business Owners

Camp scheduling systems can be a valuable asset for camp managers, helping them save time and money, streamline operations, and improve communication with parents.

Benefits of camp registration software for camp managers

Streamlined Registration Process

Camp managers can update registration setup data, pull attendance reports, and manage waitlists with just a few clicks. Automated payment collection means less time spent chasing down unpaid checks and past due balances.

Trends and Business Growth

Trends are your friends! Jumbula helps camp directors grow their camps by analyzing registration trends over time and finding out the locations, sessions, and activities that are most popular.

New Campers and Retention

In addition to attracting new campers, a key goal for camp directors is building loyalty and brand awareness. Jumbula provides all the tools necessary to engage users, decrease churn rate, and improve retention season over season.

Enhancing Staff Efficiency with Camp Registration Software

Help your staff save time and empower them to focus on what matters to your business, the quality of programs and the safety of children. Use our automated and optimized workflows to manage time-consuming and repetitive tasks, such as manual data entry, payment processing, and camper communication.

Real-time Reports and Access Control

Jumbula makes it easy for camp staff to access needed camper information 24/7 right on their mobile devices. Data is centralized in secure databases and is accessible with just a few clicks. With Jumbula, data access is granularized and your staff has access to only the information that they are authorized to view.

Reduced Workload and Increased Efficiency

Jumbula automates repetitive tasks and automates manual workloads with its proven and tested workflows. Free up time for your camp administrators and enable them to focus on the activities and safety standards.

Engagement and Child Safety

With Jumbula, we want parents to feel they are also stakeholders and are part of the experience. Our mobile apps are designed to engage the parents right from the field with text and pictures. We have taken child safety to the next level with our attendance, dismissal and real-time alert notification system. Know where the children are at all times.

Benefits of using camp management software for staffs

Our Camp Software Solution is Widely Trusted in the Field

Benefits of Camp Software for Parents

Give the Parents the Experience They're Looking For

Our camp enrollment system goes beyond just enrolling the campers. Keep the parents engaged with the live activity reminder system and gain their trust with the built-in child safety features.

Seamless Experience Across all Devices

More than 50% of parents view camp descriptions and enroll their children on mobile phones. We provide a pleasant experience for parents that is seamless across laptops, tablets and mobile devices. Response design is the key, and our My Jumbula mobile app provides the ultimate interface.

Rich Ecosystem and Flexibility

The enrollment flow is a breeze, tailored to handle multiple siblings and multiple camps. We support a variety of payment methods, such as credit cards, eChecks, financial aid and scholarships. The discounting system is very flexible and handles sibling and multi-schedule discounts. We even support a lottery system for sought-after camps!

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Flexible and Customizable Camp Management

“Flexible and Customizable”

This application was transformative for us and took us from old school to new school in just a few months. We like having our registration held centrally and being able to export it in many different ways. Now that we have a nice setup, next year the effort to setup our new school year registrations will be one forth the effort.

Nick A
Global Director of Technology

“Newly Transitioned”

“We switched to Jumbula because we had outgrown the features of our previous platform. Obviously, Jumbula is more complex in order to provide many more features. I was able to test much of the system with the 7 day trial before deciding to switch. This was extremely helpful. In addition, the support staff has been amazingly responsive over my first two weeks of transitioning and getting set up.”

Mona K
Executive Director

camp software for customers


What is camp registration software?

Camp registration software is a tool that helps camps automate and streamline the camp registration process. This software can be a valuable tool for camps of all sizes. It can help camps save time and money, improve efficiency, and provide a better experience for campers and parents.

Camp management software is a type of software that helps camp directors, counselors, and staff organize and run various aspects of their camps. Camp enrollment software can be used by different types of camps, such as day camps, residential camps, and school and specialty programs.

camp management software automates many repetitive and time-consuming tasks, freeing up camp personnel to focus on directly interacting with campers, ensuring their safety and well-being, and delivering an exceptional camp experience.

Jumbula is a comprehensive camp management software that can help you improve the customer experience, automate administrative tasks, reach a wider audience, and track your camp’s performance. By using Jumbula, you can grow your camp business and achieve your goals.

Jumbula offers a variety of pricing plans to fit the needs of different camps. Our pricing is based on the number of campers you have and the features you need. We also offer a free trial so you can try out their software before you buy it.

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