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Effortlessly manage the activities of your church and streamline the registration process for events, classes, and camps with the Jumbula church management software. Track attendance, registrations, and payments to optimize operations and impact the community.

church registration software

A Must-Have for Churches and Religious Schools

Church registration and management software is becoming increasingly popular for churches, synagogues, mosques, and other types of religious schools. The Jumbula church management software offers a range of features such as online registration, secure payments, and program administration for camps and classes. Whether helping to coordinate your church events or tracking finances accurately and securely, our easy-to-use software solution is effective for churches of any size.

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Your Church, Your Community

Transform Your Church Program Management with Jumbula's Powerful Features​

Improve your church enrollment process by harnessing essential features of registration software, such as digital sign-ups, secure payment processing, and effective waitlist management.

Registration Forms and Waivers

Registration Forms and Waivers

Jumbula online form builder offers a wide range of customization options to create forms that fit your needs. With a few clicks, you can add sections, custom fields, dropdown menus, checkboxes, capture signatures, and more to gather all the information you need.

Convenience Fee

Convenience Fee

The convenience fee feature allows you to pass on the credit card or e-check processing fees to your users. This is an acceptable practice among businesses that accept credit card payments, as the processing fees can add up quickly and significantly impact the bottom line.



The Jumbula donation feature enables your organization to collect funds from the community during the registration process or through a standalone link. You can use the built-in reports to track the funds and gain insights.

Attendance Tool

Attendance Tool

Jumbula CICO (Check-in & Check-out) feature uses PIN and QR codes to ensure the safety of children for attendance and dismissal. With the live attendance reports, tracking the whereabouts of the students has never been easier.

Embracing Digital Efficiency with Church Registration Software

Church registration software is a type of software that helps churches and religious organizations manage their administrative tasks, such as membership, events, communication, and finances.

Benefits of Church Registration Software

Scalability for Growth

ChMS is designed to scale with faith organizations, offering the adaptability to include new members, oversee various ministries, and manage growing amounts of data. This ensures sustained efficiency and value as organizational needs change.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

ChMS delivers detailed reports and analyses, offering valuable perspectives on member involvement, financial health, and program success. These insights enable organizations to spot trends, base choices on data, and enhance their operations.

Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

Church management software bolsters organizational bonds by offering custom messaging, timely reminders, and joint work capabilities. This not only nurtures community engagement but also aids in swift and collective decision-making.

Enhancing Church Activities with Efficient Registration Software

Church registration software can be a valuable tool for churches that want to optimize their operations, increase their efficiency, and foster a stronger community.

Accessibility and Convenience

Utilizing online registration and messaging capabilities, church registration software streamlines member interaction with church events, potentially boosting both involvement and active participation in congregational activities.

Attendance Tracking

Church registration software can automate the process of taking attendance at events and services. This can provide staff and admins with real-time data on member participation and help them identify trends and patterns in attendance.

Efficient Data Management

The software can centralize member data and make it easily accessible to staff and admins. This can help in managing attendance, tracking member engagement, and communicating with the congregation.

Enhancing Church Activities

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Church Software for Parents

Advantages of Using Church Registration Software for Parents

Church registration software offers numerous advantages for parents. By simplifying administrative tasks, enhancing communication and security, and fostering a stronger connection to the church community, this technology can significantly improve your experience as a church parent.

Easy Online Registration

Parents can easily register their children for church programs online, eliminating the need for paper forms and last-minute registration hassles.

Control Over Personal Information

Parents can update their family’s personal information, including contact details and any special requirements their children might have, ensuring the church has the latest records.

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Companies Using Jumbula Software

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Crean Lutheran High School
Jumbula Member Since 2017

Affiliated with the renowned Lutheran education of America, Crean Lutheran is the fastest-growing Lutheran high school in history. Recognized as a top school in competitive Orange County, CA, it thrives on a passionate faculty committed to “Proclaiming Jesus Christ Through Excellence in Education.”​

Ben Fisher – Director of eLearning & Data Analysis
registration software for religious schools
What motivated you to seek out a solution like Jumbula?
“We searched for a solution like Jumbula because our summer school program was growing and Google Forms was no longer a viable solution for necessary features such as confirmation emails, billing, refunding, and adjusting registrations. We needed an administrative tool that allowed our small team to focus more on growing numbers and developing the quality of our summer school program.”
How has Jumbula improved your camp/class registration & management?
“Jumbula has helped streamline our registration and class management needs by providing a comprehensive system for managing and showcasing our course offerings. The standalone Jumbula website allows us to easily drag and drop components to make a professional looking website for course registration. The administrative side of Jumbula’s website provides a user-friendly program creation experience, as well as a robust record of registrations that are easily searchable and adjustable.”
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How Jumbula has been instrumental in your operations?
“We have used Jumbula primarily for our summer school course registration. Having a public registration website like Jumbula has allowed us to offer summer school courses for our students as well as other students outside of our school. Additionally, summer school registration and payments.”
How was your experience with Jumbula so far?
“Working with Jumbula customer support has been phenomenal. Help requests are consistently responded to in less than 24 hours and the customer service representative provides effective solutions to any issues encountered.”
Jumbula customer support


What is the church registration software?

Church registration software, also known as church management software (ChMS), is a specialized software application designed to streamline the operations of churches and faith-based organizations. It provides a centralized platform for managing member data, organizing events, tracking finances, and facilitating communication among staff, volunteers, and members.

Church management software offers a range of benefits that can significantly enhance the operations, communication, and community engagement of faith organizations. By streamlining processes, improving data management, and fostering personalized connections, ChMS empowers organizations to focus on their core mission of spiritual growth and community service.

Yes, Jumbula church management software is free for 14 days.

The cost of Jumbula church software depends on the specific features and requirements. Please click here to see our pricing plans.

We support non-profit and charitable organizations and provide them with discounted pricing. Furthermore, we occasionally offer promotional pricing and season discounts. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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