performing arts management software

Performing Art Registration Software

Your All-in-One Performing Arts Management Toolkit

Streamline your performing arts program with our comprehensive software. Simplify online registrations, manage participants effortlessly, and ensure smooth program execution. Our intuitive platform provides all the tools you need to focus on what matters most: creating impactful arts experiences.

performing arts management software

Popular Performing Arts

Popular performing arts encompass a wide range of captivating and expressive entertainment, from captivating dance performances to enthralling theatrical shows and melodious musical acts.


Streamline your dance studio operations by automating administrative tasks, consolidating your systems, and delivering a superior experience to your members.


Easily handle scheduling, registration, billing, communications, and reporting for your music classes through a single, convenient online software solution.


Jumbula supports the growth of your theater school. Boost revenue for your drama club with a customized shop. An encompassing solution designed for busy theater teachers.

Optimizing Performing Arts Operations

The Features You Need to Master Your Performing Arts Management

Unlock the magic of streamlined operations and enhanced engagement with essential features designed to master your performing arts management.

Website Widget

Website Widget

Jumbula widgets seamlessly integrate live class calendars on the desired art program's website. Customize, embed, and let users browse, check availability, and register—all without leaving your site. No complex setup or coding, automatic syncing with Jumbula for real-time accuracy, and increased exposure for easy engagement and signups. Simplify scheduling and registration in one place with Jumbula website widgets.

transfer participant

Transfer Participant

Easily transfer participants between classes, camps, and more without hassle. For art schools offering classes like painting, drawing, and more, Jumbula makes shifting students between courses simple.

Flexible Scheduling

Flexible Scheduling

Easily schedule one-on-one private art lessons for students with specific instructors. Allow single-session signups for trial workshops, specialty seminars, or open studio timeslots. Build recurring group class schedules with different topics, age ranges, locations, and instructors.

Gift Card for performing art programs

Gift Card

Jumbula lets art program operators effortlessly sell branded gift cards redeemable for class registration. Create customizable virtual cards with your logo, purchasable through the registration portal. Recipients can use funds for any class or workshop, with automatic validation at checkout.

Simplify the Registration Process with Performing Art Scheduling System

Performing art management software can significantly improve the efficiency, organization, and profitability of your studio. By automating tasks, streamlining processes, and providing valuable data insights, the software can free up your time to focus on what you love most – teaching and inspiring your students.

Performing Art Scheduling System

Easy Online Registration and Payment

Provide a convenient and user-friendly platform for students to register for performing art classes, make payments, and access important information.

Automates Repetitive Tasks

Eliminate manual processes like enrollment, payment processing, scheduling, and communication, freeing up staff time for more strategic initiatives and student interaction.

Effective Financial Management

Improved tracking and reporting of financial data help with budgeting, forecasting, and financial planning, which are vital for the sustainability of the organization.

Transform Your Performing Arts Program with Effortless Registration Software

Raise your performing arts program to new levels with our efficient, time-saving software. Unleash the potential of your team, captivate your students, and foster a flourishing community of arts enthusiasts.

Scale of Operations

The software can typically scale with the organization’s needs, supporting growth in the number and size of performing art classes without a proportional increase in administrative burden.

Effective Marketing and Promotion

Leverage the software's marketing tools to reach new students, promote special offers, and manage online advertising campaigns.

Improved Decision-Making

Gain valuable insights from data-driven reports and analytics to make strategic decisions about your studio's operations and offerings.

Performing Arts Program

Performing Arts Centers Trust Jumbula

Performing Arts Management for Parents

Integrative Performing Arts Management for Parental Involvement

By utilizing online registration software, the administrative load on parents is reduced, allowing them to spend more quality time supporting their child’s passion for the performing arts.

Multi-Program Enrollment

Parents can enroll multiple children in different programs simultaneously, streamlining the process if they have more than one child participating in the arts.

Flexible Scheduling

Parents benefit from features that allow them to reschedule or cancel sessions is needed, providing flexibility for unexpected changes in availability.

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Great all purpose product with loads of features

“Great all purpose product with loads of features”

“It has been a really great onboarding experience. There are loads of tutorials and articles on how to complete tasks. I love the easy site design and customization features. Customer Service has been un-paralleled. I also appreciate that they listen to feedback and make suggestions based on that, like they really know our needs as users.”

Laura B
Director of Special Programs

“Great Experience”

“Our program starting using Jumbula in 2017 and it has improved, enhanced, and made our registration process extremely efficient at a price that is unbeatable. Jumbula replaced our Excel spreadsheet and made our registration for approximately 200 students from pre-kindergarten to 8th grade much more user-friendly for our program and parents. The reporting enables administrators to extract information that is needed. Jumbula is a great product for the price and we could not be happier.”

Kendale A
Education Management

performing arts management software


What is performing arts management software?

Performing arts management software is a specialized type of software designed to streamline and automate various tasks involved in running a performing arts organization, such as theaters, dance companies, or music venues. It helps organizations manage various aspects of their operations, from ticketing and fundraising to scheduling and communication.

Performing arts management software caters to various individuals and organizations within the industry, from theaters and dance companies to music venues and individual artists. It helps them manage tasks like ticketing, scheduling, audience engagement, fundraising, and communication, ultimately improving efficiency, collaboration, and the overall experience for both artists and audiences.

Performing arts registration software simplifies managing sign-ups for classes, auditions, or events, saving time and effort for both organizers and participants.

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