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Simplify your class registration process and automate your day-to-day tasks. Discover how Jumbula class management software can save you and your staff at least 8 hours of work every week and redefine your workload.

class management software

The path to running a successful class

Leverage our class registration software and work smarter

  • Streamline your entire enrollment process

    Streamline your entire enrollment process, with online registrations, automatic billing, scheduled notifications, and more!

  • egister and pay online

    Let your busy customers register and pay online from the comfort of their homes or on the go. Impress users with a slick and easy-to-use registration flow!

  • develop and grow your programs

    Unpack customer and enrollment insights that will allow you to further develop and grow your programs.

running a successful class

Boost your enrollments with the advanced features of our class registration software

Manage transfers, refunds, waitlists and communications


Manage transfers, refunds, waitlists, communications, and much more



Secure and flexible payments options for all your enrollment needs

Reporting and performance insights


Power at your fingertips with real-time reporting and performance insights

Communications with automatic messages


Streamline your communications with automatic messages

Track attendance and manage messaging

Attendance app

Give instructors an easy-to-use app to track attendance and manage messaging

Website integration

Website integration

Display your class or camp offering directly on your website

Marketing tools

Marketing tools

Email marketing tool & Marketplace to promote programs

Simple setup with flexible options

Setting up classes is a breeze, our setup wizard will guide you on all the steps and will provide you with plenty of options.

  • class category, program description, instructors and waitlists.

    Define details such as class category, program description, instructors and waitlists.

  • locations, such as in-person, online or hybrid.

    Set locations, such as in-person, online or hybrid.

  • schedules, capacities, participant restrictions, and pricing.

    Create your schedules, capacities, participant restrictions, and pricing.

  • customize online forms

    Build and customize online forms, add supplemental documents and include waivers.

class management simple Setup with flexible options

Manage orders with ease

Manage your everyday tasks with intuitive and easy to use tools

View all payment related details on one page

  1. Registration payment details
  2. Payment history
  3. Installment tracking
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Payment information

Track all past activities related to your order

  1. Price changes
  2. Order adjustments
  3. Transfers
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Transfer orders

Easily transfer an order without making any cancellations

  1. Transfer to a different class
  2. Send invoice for balance difference
  3. Refund for overpaid orders
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Edit orders

Full control to edit order and apply changes

  1. General order edits
  2. Cancellations
  3. Partial or full refunds
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order history
Automate your attendance process

Automate your attendance process

Go paperless with the Jumbula mobile app, instructors and check-in, view participant information, take attendance and communicate with users.

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Improve your communication

Communication is one of the most time-consuming tasks for admins, sending class information, payment reminders and tracking changes are a thing of the past. Streamline this process with:

  • Automate class confirmations

    Automate class confirmations

  •  Automatic email notification for cancelations, refunds

    Automatic email notification for cancelations, refunds, etc.

  • Payment reminders

    Payment reminders

Improve your communications
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