School Districts, Schools, PTAs and PTOs
Manage your enrichment programs, before & after school care, camps and providers.
Simplify your registration process, be more efficient and impress parents!
A solution designed to manage all your enrichment programs at all your locations.
Enterprise Solution
Scalable software to manage all your locations, branches or franchisees.
Everything you need to organize and succeed.
For ballet schools, choir clubs, dance studios and all other performing arts organizations.
Fit for organizations of any type or size to connect you to your audience.
Helping our clients build strong connections with their target audience is our daily drive.

Plans and pricing

Pay as you go

  1%+15$ /month
  • Full access to the entire solution
  • Ideal for organizations with seasonal operations
  • 1% of the registration amount plus $15 per month
  • No long-term contracts
  • Extra credit card processing fees apply
  • Pay for what you use


Starting from $70 /month
  • Full access to the entire solution
  • Ideal for schools, providers and other organizations
  • A simple monthly payment plan starting from $70
  • Extra credit card processing fees apply
  • Simple pricing, no surprises


Custom pricing for your organization
  • Full access to the enterprise solution
  • Ideal for school districts and large organizations
  • Designed to manage multiple locations and clients
  • Advanced reporting tools
  • Contact us for pricing

Manage your business with our enterprise solution.

For advanced business needs...
Enterprise solution main features:
  • Monitor and track performance of all your locations from one centralized dashboard
  • Control and assign access roles for your staff
  • Quickly view data and registration information across all your locations
  • Reporting made easy! View all the reports you need with a few clicks
Ideal for:
  • School districts, pre schools, day care centers, and learning academies with multiple locations
  • Youth camp and class programs offered at community centers, churches and boy/girl clubs
  • Organizations handling after-school programs with several schools and providers
  • Enrichment program providers and sport clubs with multiple locations
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“Jumbula's willingness and ability to customize their primary system to meet our needs, has allowed us to create the most comprehensive online registration system for our industry niche. We can now seamlessly manage multiple clients, programs and locations with ease, including access control, reporting and real-time data updates.”

Marcia Baldwin & Nadia Stewart
Co-founders/Owners, Enrichment Matters

Pay simple monthly payments.

No hidden fees or surprises...
Payment terms:
  • Pay simple monthly payments as low as $70 per month.
  • Extra credit card processing fees apply
  • Full access to the entire solution
  • Nonprofit discounted rates available
Ideal for:
  • Organizations for year-round operations
  • Business owners with a fixed monthly IT budget

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“We saved a lot of time when we switched our online registration system to Jumbula. Their system has all the features we need to manage our chess classes, camps, and tournaments .”

Elizabeth Shaughressy
Founder, Berkeley Chess School

Why pay more in monthly fees if you can save money?

Pay as you go...
Payment terms:
  • 1% of the registration amount
  • Extra credit card processing fees apply
  • Plus $15 per month
  • Full access to the entire solution
  • Month-to-month contracts, cancel anytime
Ideal for:
  • Seasonal operations such as summer camps
  • Organizations with limited number of enrollments

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“Jumbula set up an online registration/payment system for Falcon Learning and this has helped us tremendously to enroll new K-5 children. With the power of the internet, parents from far away locations such as Switzerland were able to quickly enroll and more importantly pay to confirm their spot. Many parents are very excited to have this online payment option available. In addition their support is very understanding of our concerns and we will forever remain loyal to Jumbula in the coming months.”

Rajesh Cheethirala
Founder, Falcon Learning

All packages include full access to the system

How do we stack up against others?

Jumbula Others
Online payments All
Camps and classes Most
Custom registration forms and reports Most
Seasons to organize your programs or events Few
Session packs for drop-in enrollments Few
Discounts and mandatory/optional charges Few
Online campaign management Few
Accepting payments from PayPal and Stripe Few
Instant access to cash Few
Friendly and competitive pricing plans None
State-of-the-art dashboard None
Free website on Jumbula with GUI-driven builder tools None
Additional services: custom website & SEO None

What our clients are saying

From our first meeting we experienced the highest level of customer service that is unprecedented, and so refreshing. We went from hours and hours of sorting, filtering and creating reports to an intuitive system that gives back our most precious commodity - our time!

Jen Cazeres
Sequoia Elementary School, Pleasant Hill, CA - Enrichment Program Chair

From day one, we have only experienced nothing but an excellent customer service provided by the Jumbula team. I truly believe they work 24/7. The most important factor, that made us decide to go with the platform is that from the customer's standpoint it's very intuitive. Basically the registration software that everybody has been waiting for has finally arrived!

Oleg Buldakov
Apollo After School

We are delighted to be working with Jalal Feghhi and the Jumbula team. We are a bay area non-profit youth choir and were looking for a comprehensive registration solution for our singers. Jumbula is a great platform for our community to register their children for choir, pay for uniforms and sign up for events and other choir related offerings. It was enjoyable to work with Jalal and his team to set up and launch the new system and we are receiving rave reviews from our families using it for the first time. We are deeply grateful to Jumbula for their hard work and dedication to getting the system up and running quickly and for their tech support and help to us as we learn to use the new platform. I recommend Jumbula very highly.

Julia Zarcone
Cantabile Youth Singers

The pages that Jumbula set up for us for online registration look great! They have worked with us to customize the look and functionality of the site for our students and families, and to address the needs of our complicated class structure and schedule. The registration pages have a clean and modern look that appeals to our users. Thank you Jumbula!

Dalia Rawson
New Ballet School - Director

We transitioned to Jumbula this past June after two unsuccessful attempts at customizing our own software. We were looking for an out-of-the-box solution for our families to register for classes and Jumbula was it! Jumbula is easy to use on both the front and back ends. Their customer support is personalized and quick to answer questions and make adjustments. Our families have responded very well to the system - it is extremely intuitive and easy to use. We have received very few calls with questions about how to enroll. It meets our program management and accounting needs and they have been very generous in creating several customized reports and functions for us! Also, you can't beat the price.

Elizabeth Schurgin
DC Youth Orchestra Program - Executive Director

I was trying to get all my 'products' (tournaments, semesters, camps) on line and Jumbula made this for me! I am very happy with everything that was done. Like the system clarity, the report features, the ability to get all data in one place etc.

Diana Tulman
International Chess Academy - Director

Jumbula Rocks! In the past, trying to manage registration for our classes and camps was a headache. As our programs grew, we worried roster management would take too much time. With Jumbula, creating forms, managing payments and running reports is a breeze. Jumbula has been a game changer for us! From the start Jumbula has been great to work with. Their customer support is top notch. You'll be happy you use this product.

Aaron Bergman
Golf in Schools - Owner/director

Jumbula is such a fantastic site. It's very convenient for both my clients and our company. It saved us a lot of time since they're pretty much handle everything for us. They are also eager to satisfy customer's needs to make sure they're providing such an excellent service; and they've been quite successful in doing so. We're looking forward to a longer partnership with Jumbula!

Ted Castro
NorCal House of Chess

Great experience! The team at Jumbula was always available, and went above and beyond to make certain that our company was satisfied.

James Sulton
AviationED - Owner

Ever since we started Falcon Learning, I also envisioned a parent portal that allows a parent to quickly register for any upcoming classes, camps or our after-school services. Jumbula could provide that in a very modular fashion and we are excited to use it to full potential to reduce our headaches with finding the right paperwork to track down a child's enrollment. More than that, any time I encounter any problem, I get a very fast response and that makes me very loyal to Jumbula's offerings.

Rajesh Cheethirala
Falcon Learning Center - Owner

Fit for organizations of any type or size

Ideal for schools, school districts, learning centers,
after-school providers, sports clubs, and all other institutions.

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