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Manage your enrichment programs, before & after school care, camps and providers.
Simplify your registration process, be more efficient and impress parents!
A solution designed to manage all your enrichment programs at all your locations.
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Everything you need to organize and succeed.
For ballet schools, choir clubs, dance studios and all other performing arts organizations.
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Performing Arts

For ballet schools, choir clubs, dance studios and all other performing arts organizations.

A high performance platform to connect with your audience!

Use Jumbula to manage your interactions with your clients. We have been working with organizations just like yours for the past two years and know your business inside out. As a matter of fact, some key features of our platform have been designed specifically to fulfil the needs of performing arts academies. Jumbula is all about providing the right solutions for our clients and addressing their pain points.

Powerful All-In-One Platform

Online Registration & Payment
Provide your clients with an easy-to-use payment and registration system. Your students view the programs online and enroll from the comfort of their home or on the go.
Organize & Succeed
Organize all your classes, tours and events in one central location. Have parents sign your waivers online and use follow-up forms to gather all the information you need to manage your tours. Take attendance online and send parents absentee reports.
Grow your business
Eliminate paper-based registration forms and bring all your programs online. Use the Jumbula campaign management tool to generate email lists and offer your prospects the right classes and discounts. Fill up the classes to capacity and increase the bottom line.
Automation & Streamlining
Send parents automated notification emails, installment reminders and tax related information. Generate up-to-date rosters, track attendance, monitor capacities and analyze financial data.

It’s all about efficiency

Take the pressure off your staff and use Jumbula to automate your administrative operations. Whether you want to streamline your accounting procedures or improve communications with parents, we have the right solutions for you. Our all-in-one platform has all the tools you need to stay on top of your work. And equally as important Jumbula is hassle-free and easy-to-use.

Need help organizing all your activities?

Jumbula helps you organize all your classes, tours and ticket sales in one central location. Disseminate information about all your programs online and provide a consistent user interface for your audience. Jumbula is all about flexibility. Need to restrict general public from registering in your audition-based classes? No sweet, we handle this too. Simply assign a pin code to each class and supply the code to students who pass the audition. It is as easy as 1-2-3. With our technology we strive to reduce headache from the daily lives of your staff and yourself.

Manage your staff and empower them

We are one of the few online registration system providers that handle your staff too. Add your instructors to our system and assign them to classes. Your staff members can sign into your back-end dashboard--behind the scene we make sure they can only see their own classes and access the authorized resources. We have all the tools they need to do their daily work. Jumbula is a turn-key system. Ask your instructors to take online attendance in the class. We keep track of all students who have been absent (excused or unexcused) or have tardies. We can even inform parents right away when their children miss a class.

Analyze your data and grow!

Jumbula provides a powerful set of financial reports at your fingertips. Run reports and see how your sales grow season over season. Are you running your classes at full capacity? Reach out to parents and promote your classes with early-bird specials and discounts. We have designed an entire campaign management system to help you just do that. Segment your audience and generate email lists based on prior seasons and past enrollments. Connect to your clients with the right promotions and specials. With Jumbula you drive results and grow!

"Jumbula is a great platform for our community to register children for choir, pay for uniforms and sign up for events and other choir related offerings..."

Julia Zarcone
Cantabile Youth Singers
Chess School


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